Patty Welch is the newest member of Team KFP. She is an Administrative/Personal Assistant whose primary responsibility is providing clerical support to the professional staff. Patty is responsible for improving and streamlining administrative processes. Each day she takes on new tasks to lighten the day-to-day workload in the office.

Patty enjoys communicating with coworkers and clients in person or over the phone. One of her strengths is forcing others to give her work to do. Anything she can do to make another’s job or life easier for them is what excites her most.

Outside of the office, Patty is blessed with a wonderful husband, Jim, and 3 fantastic sons [Nate (22); Kiernan (19); and Nick (17)]. She was born and raised in North Ridgeville, Ohio. She enjoys spending time traveling with her family. Hawaii is her favorite destination, but Australia, Scotland, Italy, and Greece are all on her Bucket List!